Scholastic Book Fair – December 5 to 8

The Scholastic Book Fair is coming to SMD from December 5 to 8! We invite all families to participate by purchasing the latest and greatest in children’s books. Don’t forget to enter our Family Event Draw to win $50 worth of books for your family ($25) and your child’s classroom ($25).  Ballots for this draw will be available in the library (one per family). The winner’s name of our Family Event Draw will be announced at school on the afternoon of December 8 and the student will have an opportunity to choose a prize.

In preparation for the Book Fair, Library Staff are discussing the difference between needs and wants with our primary classes. You may want to use these terms as you discuss your child’s wish list. Your child’s teacher will have a scheduled previewing time on the Monday of the book fair week (December 5).  Please check your child’s Google    Classroom for his/her purchasing date/time.  Parents may also drop by to purchase books on their child’s behalf or shop online using the Shopify link: (link will be active December 5 for purchasing).

Monday, December 5 

– Previewing (no purchasing for students). Parents/Guardians may come in and purchase items;

– Students create a wishlist of books they are interested in. Prices include all taxes;

– You are encouraged to read this wish list with your child; as a family, decide which book would be the best choice.

Tuesday, December 6

– Previewing & Student/Parent purchases during the day.

Wednesday, December 7

– Student/Parent purchases during the day.

Thursday, December 8

– Student/Parent purchases during the day.

Our classroom libraries are also in need of books.  We invite you to increase the size of your child’s classroom library by purchasing books for your child’s teacher. Each book will include a gift donation bookplate that your child can personalize. If interested, please inquire about the Classroom Wish List when you visit the Book Fair. We look forward to seeing you during our Scholastic Book Fair and thank you in advance for supporting this very important fundraiser.  Mostly, thank you for believing in books and the importance that reading has for your child’s future! Thank you to our school librarian, Ms. Alongi, for organizing!